Dear CFPA Members,

Welcome to the new Canadian Federal Pilots Association's (CFPA) Website!

Over time, the CFPA website accumulated crucial information and it became a valuable repository for labour relations information for the members and their representatives. The previous website was developed in 2014, and an overhaul was much needed. At the request of its Executive Board, the CFPA began the process to revamp its website. The CFPA has commissioned the Ignite Web Solutions Inc. in Ottawa, Ontario, to develop its website. The new website has a different look and some added feature.

Site map:

  • About CFPA: A brief introduction of the Association and its Natoinal Executive and Executive Board information can be found in this section.
  • News: You can read all the CFPA updates in this section. Please check back for more updates through out the week. 
  • Labour Relations: In this section, you will find valuable information on collective bargaining, previously rendered grievances and how to keep you current. 
  • Advocacy: In this page, you will find various study reports commissioned by the CFPA and miscellaneous presentations submitted for the purpose of advocating aviation safety on behalf of the Canadian public.
  • CFPA Benefit Plan: You will find information on your benefit plan (Basic Life Insurance, Best Doctors and Group Home and Auto insurance).
  • FAQ: Frequently asked questions.

New Features

  • User Portal: You can view part of your information supplied during your application process, and request the CFPA to update your information through the User Portal.
  • User Profile: You can edit your profile information (Name, Gender, and Email). You can also change your password from this form.
  • Email: You can now subscribe or unsubscribe from our communications. Please note that any communication related to your rights as a member (voting rights etc.) cannot be unsubscribed. 

Should you have any difficulty using the new website, please contact us using this form