Additional compensation for Phoenix-related issues

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Additional compensation for Phoenix-related issues

I am pleased to announce that the CFPA and other bargaining agents have reached an agreement with Treasury Board regarding additional compensation for issues related to the Phoenix payroll system that will see members receive up to $1,000.

As you are likely aware, the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) negotiated two settlements in July 2020 for Phoenix related issues: the first providing up to $1,500 in general damages stemming from the payroll fiasco, the second providing up to $1,000 to settle a grievance related to the late implementation of the collective agreements reached in 2014 because of Phoenix.

  1. $100 For Late Implementation of Retro-Pay Under the Current Collective Agreement.
    • All CFPA members previously received $400 for the late implementation of retro-pay under the collective agreement signed on May 19th, 2020.
    • An additional $100 will be provided to match the amounts received by PSAC members ($500).
    • Members who have yet to receive their retroactive payments will continue to be paid an additional $50 for each 90 days period beyond the first 180 days after the collective agreement was signed (no limit on amount – previously limited to $450).
  2. $1000 For the Late Implementation of Retro-Pay Under the Previous Collective Agreement (see Note 1)
    • The Employer will compensate all members with a lump sum payment of
      $400 for 2016/2017,
      $200 for 2017/2018,
      $200 for 2018/2019, and
      $200 for 2019/2020 fiscal years.
    • To be eligible for the compensation, a member needs only to have been on strength for one day in the fiscal year to which a lump sum payment pertains. The term “on strength” includes employees who were on leave, assignment or otherwise not active.
    • Former employees will be eligible, following the submission of a claim and validation by the Employer (details to be determined).
    • The date of the payment has not yet been determined; however, we will inform you as soon as it becomes known.

General damages

With regards to general damages, the CFPA and other bargaining agents reached an agreement with Treasury Board back in May 2019 that saw up to five days of paid leave provided to members. For CFPA members, this had a greater cash value than the PSAC settlement of $1,500, along with greater flexibility in that it could be taken as leave, banked as leave or cashed out.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mark Laurence
National Chair

Note 1 – Late implementation of the 2015 collective agreement was not an issue for the CFPA as we did not conclude our collective agreement until 2020. In spite of this, I was able to have the Treasury Board include the CFPA in the settlement reached with the other bargaining agents.

MOU Catch Up Clause – Collective Agreement Implementation 2018.pdf (EN/FR)
Catch-Up-MOA.pdf (EN/FR)

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