When a member is being asked to do something or is tasked with doing an activity and they are not in compliance with the Internal Process Bulletin (IPB), then they should use the Work Now - Grieve later principles that we have on our CFPA website and they should advise their TTL/ADO/PM.
See : http://www.cfpa-apfc.ca/?page_id=1085

Suggested wording, (Modify as necessary to suit your situation):

Dear XXXX,

I do not possess the qualifications and currency requisite to comply with the terms of the IPB, in that I do not currently hold a valid PPC for any of the types that I am assigned to conduct xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx activities .

As per IPB 2016-05 to regain my currency to conduct xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx activities I require” a complete initial aeroplane/helicopter type training course, a recurrent aeroplane/helicopter course ”

I am assigned/tasked to complete a xxxxxxx on Date.

How would you like me to proceed?

If a member is being asked to do Dangerous Work - Double-click on OSH picture on this page of the website: http://www.cfpa-apfc.ca/?page_id=1085

Greg McConnell
National Chairperson
Canadian Federal Pilots Association