Definitely yes. Your job description is the basis for evaluating the relative value and overall worth of your job and, ultimately through the classification system, affects how much you get paid. Understanding the system and monitoring your job description enables you to make sure that your job description is always accurate and up to date and that you are being appropriately compensated in your job. CFPA collective agreements in both the private and public sectors contain provisions to deal with the provision of information to individual members and provide the mechanism to fix problems when they arise. It is always in your best interest to be informed and to know how to address the situation if something is not right.

Maintaining job descriptions and keeping up with classification is an administrative task that is often ignored or assessed as a low priority by managers as well as employees. The system does include managerial responsibilities; however, it is most often left up to the individual employee to identify situations that need to be addressed. We encourage you to read the following article and get the facts on job descriptions, classification, and why it is important to you.

Link: I think my job description is incomplete or my classification is incorrect; what should I do?