Professional Aviation Currency Program

Maintaining your currency is important. The CFPA recognizes this and continuously bargains on behalf of its members to maintain the currency program.

Civil Aviation Inspectors and Aviation Currency

A white paper published by the CFPA outlines the history and background of the AO group of employees in Canada as it relates to these topics and discusses some of the pertinent factors necessary to establish an informed understanding of the issues. An explanation of the framework of the Canadian Federal Public Sector and how CAIs fit into that framework is provided. The prevalence of apathy and constant challenges to aviation currency are discussed as are the contributing factors and the implications of continued decline. Several potentialities and consequences are considered, and several key takeaways are provided.

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PACP at each employer

Transport Canada

Transportation Safety Board


  • Sections 41.05 and 41.06 of the Collective Agreement
  • Letter of Understanding (LOU 2-18)


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